8 November 2011

A 21st Century Way to Arrange your 19th Century Ideas

french 19th century carousel horse
If you're in the middle of re-decorating a new home, or even just a room - you'll know the feeling.  There are millions of ideas buzzing around in your head, it's just pinning them down and pulling them together.  This French mid 19th Century Carousel Horse (due to arrive in our shop this week) might be exactly the decorative item to add to the empty corner in your living room, but you've seen it fleetingly and need to make a mental note.

Well, if you haven't already discovered it (thousands have) www.pinterest.com could be your answer.  It's a new toy for us and a word of warning, you can spend a long time mooching around the images, pinning them to your own boards.  Search for things such as 'rustic kitchen' or '19th century' or 'chandeliers' and a plethora of beautiful ideas pop up which you can 'like' or 're-pin' to your own personal boards.  All pictures are automatically attriubuted to the owner, or if you upload your own or from other websites you need to specify who they belong too - so no hassles over usage.

glazed cupboard  - practical & pretty
One of your conundrums might be storage in a home with very little of its own, we might have the answer.  This glazed cupboard with hand blown glass can be used to display more attractive items in the top (glasses, crockery, cookbooks) and the more visually challenging ones below (ugly files & paperwork).  It is painted blue on the interior and a off white/grey on the exterior.  Pretty and practical.

For kitchens and living space on the rustic side, this grey painted pine table can offer a number of solutions.  Big enough to get the family around or spread out with your lap top and paperwork.

pine painted table - useful & handsome
add history to your home with this early 19th century door

If rustic is your thing, it doesn't get much better than this early 19th century door sourced from a winery in the south of France.  A beautiful item, guaranteed to make an impact. 

Staying with this period, we're also looking forward to the delivery of this Bergere chair, with a nice patina and fully restored.  It is just awaiting re-upholserty in a fabric of your choice, talk to us about good upholsterers. 

Bergere chair ready and waiting to be upholstered
And lastly (you can see things have not been quiet around here) we've found this lamp table below from the same era, it has been painstakingly scraped to restore the original paint. Pop in to have a look or pin it!

For more details please look on www.antonandk.co.uk .   

We hope you've been inspired and your thoughts and would welcome any comments to ensure we keep doing that. 

Thanks for looking, Anthony & Karen 
19th century lamp table