31 October 2011

Shift Stuff About A Bit For A Fresh Look

It won't be unusual if you drop into Anton & K, to see us moving stuff around - again and again.  Not only to accommodate new stock but as you'll know with your own home rooms can be transformed just by changing the position of a lamp, trying things in unexpected places or digging out items you'd forgotten about but still love.  Decorative items and antiques can always be given a new lease of life if they're put against a different coloured background or in an alternative light.  They just need a fresh eye or a new context.

Take this chandelier which just arrived in the shop last week - a recent blog from www.thedecorista.com shows how they can glamour-ise a kitchen and work equally well in a bedroom.  A hallway is not always the best policy.  Alternatively, try this stepladder in a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to stack a multitude of items - very beautifully of course.

Talking of fresh perspectives, keep an eye out for the November edition of Cotswold Life.  Some shopkeepers you'll be familiar with feature in an article showcasing the wonders of Winchcombe and what an individual, interesting and pretty Cotswold town it is - of course we agree with all of that and are only worried that people might find out.  http://cotswold.greatbritishlife.co.uk/
See what you think (page 126-128), but keep it to yourselves.

We're looking forward to lots of new things arriving this week, so keep your eyes peeled. Happy Halloween.

Anthony & Karen

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